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Steve Withers


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Chemistry Department, UBC 2036 Main Mall Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA V6T 1Z1



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Chemistry Biochemistry

Professional Profile

B.Sc., Bristol (1974); Ph.D., Bristol (M.L. Sinnott, 1977); Postdoctoral, Alberta (N.B. Madsen and B.D. Sykes, 1978-82); Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada; Merck, Sharpe and Dohme Award of the CIC (1989); Corday Morgan Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry (1990); Rutherford Medal, Royal Society of Canada (1992), Khorana Chair of Biological Chemistry, UBC (1997), Hoffman LaRoche Award of the Canadian Society for Chemistry, 1998, Charmian Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry, U.K., 2001, Whistler Award, International Carbohydrate Organisation, 2002. Scientific Director of the Protein Engineering Network of Centres of Excellence (PENCE)2000-05; Jacob Biely Faculty Research Prize (UBC) 2005; Director, Centre for High-Throughput Biology (CHiBi) 2008 - present; Canada Research Chair in Chemical Biology, 2008 - present.

Research Area

Enzyme mechanisms; glycosyl transfer mechanisms; carbohydrate chemistry; fluorinated sugars; hydrogen bonding and specificity; applications of 31P and 19F-NMR to enzymology; biological electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry; amylases and cellulases; mutagenesis; directed evolution; glycosyl transferases; polysaccharide lyases