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Jose Celedon

Research Associate

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I am currently working in two projects that involve generating cell-type specific transcriptome resources for mining and discovery of uncharacterized terpenoid biosynthesis genes. In the bark tissue of White spruce trees we isolated three main cell-types (cortical resin duct cells, phloem cells, and cortex polyphenolic cells) from trees treated with methyl jasmonate and control trees to study not only terpenoid biosynthesis but also the overall defense response when the trees are attacked by insects and pathogens. In collaboration with Prof. Luiz Pereira (University of Londrina, Brasil), we are studying diterpene biosynthesis in coffee beans. Coffee diterpenes have been show to have several positive health effects but have also been linked to an increase in blood cholesterol. Characterizing the genes responsible for diterpenes biosynthesis in coffee would be an important tool for coffee breeders and for understanding the ecological and physiological roles of these unique diterpenes.