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Compute Canada

For researchers doing serious computational research requiring Linux software libraries, toolkits, bulk storage, data archival, virtual servers, computing clusters, and more, I highly recommend you check out Compute Canada’s freely provided resources. 

Compute Canada

Compute Canada offers computing resources to researchers for free.

  • large scale computation
  • large memory machines
  • accelerated systems (GPUs)
  • scientific gateways, portals, etc.
  • cloud services
  • high-throughput storage and compute systems
  • archival storage

How To Get An Account?

You must first create a Compute Canada Database (CCDB) account.  

  1. Confirm your PI already has a Compute Canada account themselves.  PIs must register with CCDB first.  The approval process can take up to two business days. When a CCDB registration has been approved, a confirmation email will be sent to the individual with their Compute Canada Role Identifier (CCRI). Once a PI has his/her CCRI, all of his/her Group Members can then register with the CCDB using the PI's CCRI.
  2. Go here to sign up for an account:
  3. Click register.
  4. Fill in your info.  Your Compute Canada login name should be the same as your UBC Campus Wide Login (CWL) username.
  5. Enter your PI's Compute Canada Role Identifier (CCRI).
  6. Wait for approval.  Compute Canada will notify your PI to make sure you are part of their group.
  7. Once you have approval and get a Compute Canada account you then have to apply for access to one of the Compute Canada consortium systems like Westgrid.

Compute Canada Account Documentation


WestGrid is one of the Compute Canada consortium system providers.  Access to most of the current WestGrid systems requires you to create a WestGrid account in addition to your Compute Canada account.

Sign up for a WestGrid Account

  1. Login to your Compute Canada Account:
  2. Go to "My Account" tab and click on "Apply for a consortium account".
  3. Click on WestGrid and fill out your info.
  4. Wait to get your account activated.
  5. Email WestGrid ( and request to have yourself added to your lab's UNIX user group in order to share data effectively.  If your lab does not have a UNIX user group you will have to request one be made.  If you do not know what it is please ask your PI or other lab members. Include the following info in the email:
    1. Your Full Name.
    2. Your Compute Canada user name (should be your UBC CWL).
    3. Your email address.
    4. PI's Full Name.
    5. Lab's UNIX Group name.

Extensive Research Software List: Free Access

Computing Clusters: Free Access

Secure Cloud Storage – 50GB Free

Video Collaboration


Find quick start guides and in depth knowledge on the Compute Canada Documentation website.

Tutorial Videos

This playlist contains some Compute Canada tutorials