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Warehouse File Services

Warehouse is the name of our central secure file server.  Every MSL faculty, staff, and student is encouraged to use this free service to store shared lab research data.  Crashplan backups your Desktop data but Warehouse allows you to easily share data within your lab. Easily access your lab's shared data on and off campus via the Internet.

Windows 10

The newer versions of Windows 10 requires enabling a feature to map a drive to Warehouse.  MSL IT has created a simple program to run called win10_smb_v1.exe to enable this feature.  Please download it, unzip it, right click it and select "Run As Administrator" before trying to map your Warehouse drive.

Account Setup:

Please contact MSL IT for assistance.  Please note, these accounts do not use your Campus Wide Login (CWL).  All accounts are separate accounts and must be requested.

User Guides:

Data Quota Policy

Due to limits in our backup capacity for protecting the entirety of the department, we restrict individual and shared account backups to following:

  • Faculty - 150GB
  • Staff - 150GB
  • Researcher/Student - 100GB

Data Retention Policy

All backups for Warehouse are limited to a data retention of 28 days for restoration.  Employees who leave our department are offboarded and all previous accounts are archived then kept to a maximum of 7 years.

Backup Frequency:

  • Local snapshots are performed every 6 hours
  • Remote backups are done once nightly replicating current day to Compute Canada (GRAHAM)

Backup Version Retention:

  • Local snapshots of Warehouse's storage filer named Goliath are performed every 6 hours up to 4 weeks (28 days)
  • Only one nightly copy of the most recent backup is kept on Compute Canada (GRAHAM)
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