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CrashPlan Backup



ashPlan Backup Services

An easy to use cross-platform backup software allowing you to easily backup and restore your data quickly and securely using 448-bit encryption.  This software is available to all MSL faculty, staff, researchers, and students. This allows you to securely back up to our MSL CrashPlan Backup Server located on campus at the University Data Centre (UDC).

Additionally, you may also add a local backup destination such as USB/Firewire external hard drive.  Both options allow you to additionally set a personal password to restrict viewing and restoration of your files under the Settings->Security section.  See User Guides for more information. Recent changes to licensing now allow MSL users to back up to 4 devices.

Account Setup:

Please contact MSL IT to ensure you are registered.

Web Console:

You can easily check the status of your backups, restore files, and/or get a reporting of your various backup devices. Simply visit: and login using your MSL login credentials

6.8.5 CrashPlan Desktop App

Server version 6.8.5 of the Code42 CrashPlan platform includes version 6.8.5 of the CrashPlan app. To download the CrashPlan app individually, select your operating system: 

Account Management & Roles

Backups and good data management are part of everyone's responsibility.  Both MSL IT and the Lab Managers regularly monitor lab backups on a weekly basis but it is still the responsibilty of the data owner to ensure backups are being performed regularly.

Personal Accounts:  

Personal accounts are based on your Campus Wide Login (CWL) account.  They are unshared accounts that only you know and have access to.  Using your personal account for CrashPlan is intended for personally assigned non-shared workstations for staff or faculty.  If you have a personally owned workstation or laptop, you would use your personal CrashPlan account for this system.  All backups and restorations are performed by you.

Lab Shared Accounts:

Lab shared accounts are intended for lab workstations and lab laptops that are situated within the lab.  These workstations are UBC owned and are typically shared within the lab.  These workstations are normally setup for multiple users or have a dedicated function such as an instrument controller.

Privacy & Security

To ensure both security and accountability of your personal CrashPlan account, we recommend you add an Archive Key Password to your account.  This ensures that nobody except yourself has privilege to access your backups without your permission.  It is important to note, if you forget this password, both your lab manager and MSL IT will not be able to unlock/decrypt your backups. We recommend storing this using your preferred password manager (ie. LastPass). 

Help & Documentation:

6.8.5 CrashPlan Desktop Client App

Tuning Your Backups

Data Quota Policy

Due to limits in our backup capacity for protecting the entirety of the department, we restrict individual and shared account backups to following:

  • Users: 2TB
  • Lab: 10TB (combine total of all users within the lab)

Data Retention Policy

All backups on CrashPlan are limited to a data retention of 90 days for restoration.  Employees who leave our department are offboarded and all previous backups are immediately discarded.

Backup Frequency:

  • Backup changes every: 1 Hour

Backup Version Retention:

  • For one week, keep a version every hour
  • After one week, keep a version every day
  • Remove deleted files after every 90 days